From Ho Chi Minh’s fictional Diary:

16 October 1923
Moscow, U.S.S.R.

Tien and I went to the exhibition of Russian paintings. There was a big crowd. Tien seemed to know everyone and was very knowledgeable about the paintings and taught me a lot. Later on, I took him to a meeting of the Party, thinking it might teach him something, but we both felt there was too much theory, rules, and regulations. Our aim is to get rid of the French, to be our own masters. That will require organizing and fighting more than theory. It is becoming increasingly clear to me that in order to build and sustain a long revolution we need to look outside Vietnam and to develop an ideology created from a great variety of sources throughout the world to serve our nationalist goals.

Ho was a revolutionary and in many ways a Renaissance man. He wrote poetry in both Chinese and Vietnamese, drew political cartoons, studied various religions and philosophies, and became acquainted with and promoted the various arts. But all these were in service to his one great objective: securing the unification and independence of Vietnam.
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