From Ho Chi Minh’s fictional Diary:

10 March 1926
Canton, China

For the first time I can begin to feel the seeds of our own revolution taking root among these loyal Vietnamese exiles. One of the strongest leaders among them is Pham Van Dong. It is men like him who will play an important role in ridding our country of the French.

Since the Kuomintang was strongest in southern China and particularly in Canton, this area became a center of revolutionary training. In 1925, Ho, already an important figure in European revolutionary circles, was chosen to accompany Mikhail Borodin, the Comintern envoy to the Chinese revolutionary government headed by Chiang Kai-shek, successor to Sun Yat-sen. Ho was well informed about China, spoke and wrote Chinese, and could also enlist the support of the large number of Vietnamese who had sought refuge in or been attracted to this left-wing area. It was there that Ho came upon Pham Van Dong, who later became one of his closest associates and eventually emerged as his prime minister. He also met Chou En-lai and Chiang Kai-shek (at that time left-wing allies and later to become bitter enemies).
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