From Ho Chi Minh’s fictional Diary:

7 October 1945
Hanoi, Vietnam

The Kuomintang Chinese came here “to maintain law and order” and almost everywhere have devoted themselves to destroying it - - looting, gambling, boozing, whoring, raping. Of course, when there is no discipline, it needs only one in ten of an army numbering thousands to create mayhem. Even their consumption of food creates serious shortages for our own population.

Meanwhile, a different menace faces us in the south, almost worse in its final effect. The British, who took over that area (on behalf of the French, who are still too weak and disorganized) were so opposed to any “native” control, or even any status other than as vassals, that they rearmed the Japanese troops in order to suppress all attempts of our own people to establish independence! This was even worse than French domination.

After World War II, the Allies agreed to disarm the Japanese by allowing China to take over northern Indochina and Britain to occupy the south. Both occupations were disastrous. The Chinese occupation was largely a concession to Chiang Kai-shek for his contribution to the war effort. It was consequently accepted by him as a chance to pay off his underfed, underpaid, largely impressed army, with the chance to exploit the occupied territory through pillage and rape. Meanwhile, the British occupation in southern Indochina was, in a completely different fashion, almost equally disgraceful. General Gracey, the commander, finding the Vietnamese already in charge, not only added to his own forces the French who could bear arms, but actually re-armed the defeated Japanese, reinstated the Japanese commanding general, and used these combined forces to crush Vietnamese independence.
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