A week before his death, Ho Chi Minh wrote this letter, his last document:

Mr. Richard Nixon
United States of America

Dear Mr. President,

I have received your letter.
The war of invasion in Vietnam, which has trampled on the basic national rights of the Vietnamese people, stretches on in South Vietnam. The United States has stepped up its military mopping-up operations and has added the destructive power of B-52 bombers and toxic chemicals, increasing the cruelty endured by the Vietnamese people. This prolonged war also causes the United States to lose people and waste resources. I am completely exasperated at the loss and destruction American soldiers have wreaked on our people and our country; I am also very moved to see that every day more American youths die uselessly in Vietnam because of the American authorities policies.
Our Vietnamese people value peace, a genuine peace rooted in true independence and freedom. The people of Vietnam are determined to fight to the end, without fear of sacrifice or hardship in order to protect their nation and their inviolable rights. The complete solution started in the Ten Points offered by the national Liberation Front of South Vietnam and the Provisional Revolutionary Government of South Vietnam form a fair and reasonable basis for settling the problem of Vietnam; that solution has received the sympathy and support of the world’s people.
In your letter, you expressed your will to work for a just peace. If you wish this, then the United States must stop its aggressive war, withdraw its soldiers from South Vietnam, and respect the right of the people of the South and the Vietnamese nation to self-determination without foreign intervention. That is the truth to solve the Vietnam problem in accordance with the Vietnamese people’s national rights, American interests, and the wish for peace of the world’s people.
This is the way for the United States to withdraw from the war with honor.
Regarding your good will and ours, together we can move forward in joint efforts to find an honorable solution to the problem of Vietnam.

Ho Chi Minh
Ha Noi
25 August 1969

Published in Nhan Dan, No. 5684
7 November 1969

from: Ho Chi Minh: Toan Tap, vol. 12, 1966-1969, Ha Noi, Nha Xuat Ban Chinh Tri Quoc Gia, pp. 488-489
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