Chronology of Vietnam Prior to Ho Chi Minh’s Birth

Before history is recorded with writing it is largely made from legends and mythology. This is also true of Vietnam. One of these legends takes place approximately 2800 BC when a Vietnamese prince named Lac Long Quan went to Northern Vietnam from his home by the sea. There, on the top of Mount Tan he married Au Co, a princess from the mountains. As a result of this union the princess laid a hundred eggs. One hundred sons emerged from the eggs. Because Prince Quan was a dragon from the sea and princess Au Co was a fair lady from the mountains, Quan decided they could not stay together. Therefore, the mother took her fifty sons to northern mountains where they became the ancestors of the Muong. The remaining fifty sons followed the father to the sea where they became ancestors of the Vietnamese. The bravest of the sons was to become the first of eighteen Hung Vuong kings. The Vietnamese regard Lac Long Quan and Au Co as their primal ancestors.

111 BC Chinese conquers Vietnam and absorbs it into the Han Empire.

39 AD Trung sisters lead uprising against Chinese rule. Trung Trac becomes ruler of an independent Vietnam but only for four years until the Chinese conquers Vietnam again.

939 Vietnamese patriot Ngo Quyen defeats Chinese troops and setup an independent Vietnam.

1407 Chinese troops conquer Vietnam again.

1427 Emperor Le Loi defeats the Chinese to restore Vietnamese independence.

1862 Vietnam cedes several provinces in the Mekong Delta (later called Cochin China) to France.

1880s France conquers the remainder of Vietnam and forms French Indochina from Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia.

1890 Ho Chi Minh is born in central Vietnam.
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