This book is printed in a limited edition of one-hundred copies with ten artist’s proofs.
Each book is numbered and signed by C. David Thomas and Charles Fenn.
All pages are printed on Vietnamese Do (mulberry) paper handmade in Dong
O Village in northern Vietnam. The images are printed from a Hewlett-Packard
DeskJet 970Cse. The text is printed by letterpress in Monotype Bembo
by Wolfe Editions in Portland, Maine.
Each book is presented in a handmade lacquer box handmade by craftsmakers in Thanh Tri Village near Hanoi.
Each lacquer box is made in the centuries-old method of using wood covered with a coarsely woven silk followed by thirteen coats of lacquer. Between coats of lacquer the box is handsanded with very fine water sandpaper until the final layer, which is done by using charcoal powder and bare hands.
The lacquer box is contained in a handmade silk slipcover, also made in Vietnam.
The silk was handwoven in Van Phuc Village near Hanoi.

Copyedited by Gloria Lee.

Copyright 2000 by C. David Thomas

All rights reserved. No part of this book
may be reproduced in any form without the
written permission of C. David Thomas.

Printed in the United States of America
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