Number of pieces: 90 two dimensional works plus text panels and object labels

Space requirements: The main part of the exhibition is the forty portraits of Ho Chi Minh. Each portrait is 28 x 20”. The installation of the portraits can be accomplished several ways. The ideal way is to hang the portraits four high and ten wide side by side creating a grid approximately 6’8” x 23’4”. This method of hanging was done at the Institute of Contemporary Art in Portland, Maine, and is shown in the installation shots in this folder. Depending on space available the installation can be done in several different configurations. The main thing is that the portraits be displayed in a grid format and hung side by side.

Two copies of the artist’s version of the Ho Chi Minh book will be provided. Each book is 10 x 12” and presented in a lacquer box. The book is printed on a combination of Vietnamese rice paper (the images) and translucent paper (the text). The best way to display and allow the public to view this book is on a table. The viewers can don white gloves to read the book.

The one hundred pages of the Ho Chi Minh book have also been transferred onto twenty-five pieces of Rives BFK paper, two pages on each piece of paper. These pages are suitable for wall hanging and will require an additional eighty feet of wall space (2 x horizontal measurement)

Security: Medium

Exhibition period: 8 weeks

Shipping: Designated carrier (incoming shipping)

Publication: An illustrated full color catalogue, internet site, and possible CD ROM.

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