This exhibition, which is now available to travel, contains fifty portraits and a 118 page artist’s book about one of the most important, complex and controvercial leaders of the twentieth century. This is the first exhibition if its kind to focus on the controversial and often misunderstood leader of North Vietnam.

Each of the fifty portraits is 28 x 20” on Rives BFK paper in mixed media containing lithography, collage, digital imaging, and oil pastel. For the Maine installation the portraits were hung four high and ten wide (approximately 9’ 4” by 16’ 6”) but the format could vary depending on the space available. The artist’s book has been transferred onto 14 x 18” sheets of Rives BFK paper. Each sheet contains two pages of the book, one page of text and one image.

The exhibition is available for immediate booking and will be available through 2004. For additional information please contact the Indochina Arts Partnership, 20 Webster Court, Newton Centre, MA 02159, Tel. (617) 527-5670, fax. (617) 527-4394, E-mail:
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