Indochina Arts Partnership Trips to Vietnam

Since 1987, IAP Director David Thomas has lead more than thirty trips to Vietnam. More than seventy-five people have visited Vietanm to learn more about Vietnamese art and culture. These trips have ranged from two weeks to two months and have included visits to Hanoi, Ha Long Bay, the Perfume Pagoda, Hue, A Luoi, Da Nang, Hoi An, Pleiku, Kontum, and Ho Chi Minh City.

Most of those traveling to Vietnam have been American artists who ahe interested in learning more about Vietnamese contemporary art and traditional handicrafts.

If you are interested in joining a future group, please contact David Thomas at

The following (among others) have been to Vietnam under IAP sponsorship:
Ed Angel, Rosemary Molnar, Wil Hapgood, William Short, Lois Tarlow, Gretchen Ewert, Jeri Bemis, Marta Drummond, Rick & Sandy Walters, Cynde & Peter Iverson, Helen, Larry & Ben Pomeroy, Nguyen Ba Chung, Vo Van Toi, Tim Hamill, Ron Crusan, Richard Olsen, Jon & Terry Lane, Jim Zien, David Chamberlain, Johanna Branson, Janna Longacre, Kay Ransdell, Mel & Hope Barkan, Charlie & Janet Kawada, Lindsey Kiang, Richard Blaisdell, Laura Grunberg, and Nachmi Artzy.

Lois Tarlow and Gretchen Ewert somewhere near Pleiku, Vietnam, Jam. 1997 trip.